Car rental Fiat Panda - 03-12-2019



Fiat Panda of 1.2 77 CV, gasoline fuel, Air conditioning, 5 seats and 5 doors.
Rent for a day
Full insurance including
PERMITS TO CONDUCT: minimum 5 years of experience
Fuel by customer (Unleaded petrol 95).
Seat for baby and homologated hikers included in the price.
GPS: € 3 / day (with maps from all of Europe).


Booking conditions:

To rent a 50cc moped, you must have a driving license (class B) or a moped.
To rent the 125cc motorcycles you need the car license with more than 3 years old or the A1 motorcycle and for the 250cc motorcycles the motorcycle A2.
It is mandatory to present the driver's license together with the identity document, passport or NIE. (It has to be the original).
Taxes: 21% I.V.A included.
Cars, Minibuses and Vans:
Driving license: Minimum 3 years old for group A (Fiat Panda).
Driving license: Minimum 5 years old for the rest of the cars and vans.
Taxes: I.V.A not included, 21% of the total invoiced.
If any vehicle is rented for more than 3 days, the cheapest fare will be applied based on the kilometers the client has made.